Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Landscaping! Finally!

When we first moved into this house last February, there was snow on the ground and we had no idea what the yard looked like.  After the snow melted we found that the lawn was really nice, but the landscaping around the house was in terrible, almost nonexistent shape.  It had a really nice cement border all around the house, but the landscaping that had been attempted at some time or other was incomplete and overgrowing.

IMG_3616 copy_webSomeone had put in some nice rock, but had failed to put in the weed fabric before the rock, so the rock was just settling into the dirt.  It also looked like there had only been partial rock work done.  The weeds were even too much to take care of.  We kept them sprayed, but that’s about all we could do with it.  Because of the rocks we couldn’t even get into the beds with a tiller.  So it sat brown, dead and desolate most of the summer.  My heart was aching for some nice landscaping! 

Then…the landscapers finally made it to our house!  I was overjoyed! 

IMG_9295 copy_webFirst they dug out and hauled off all the old rock.  It looked 100% better already! 

IMG_9298 copy_web Then came the new plants!  I was really getting excited!

IMG_9636 copy_webIMG_9637 copy_webJust look at that cute little tree!  They planted various types of plants, some to bloom each season!  And look at the ornamental grass!  No one knew I wanted some…and there it is!

And now…for the final reveal!

IMG_9697 copy_webTa da!  Isn’t it gorgeous! 

IMG_9698 copy_webI’m so in love!  It’s done!  All the way around the house!  And…it’s self-watering!  What could be better?! 

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