Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our 8th Anniversary

IMG_0173 copy_webIt’s been 8 years!  I just can’t believe it’s been that long!  Since my man and I said, “I do.”  This last year has been one of the hardest for us, facing circumstances and trials that have pushed us to new depths with each other and with God, thus making this one of our best years too.  We have grown stronger together more in this year than any other year since we’ve been married. 

IMG_0237 copy_web We were blessed by some friends of ours who gave us a night at the Silverwolf Log Chalets just outside of Coram, MT.  What a fabulous place! 

IMG_0231 copy_webThe cabin was so cozy!  Just what we needed to get away and be refreshed! 

IMG_0151 copy_webIMG_0157 copy_webIMG_0154 copy_webIMG_0155 copy_webOnce we checked in and had a little snack, it was off to Glacier National Park!  It’s been several years since we’ve been able to get up to the Park, so it was such a treat!

IMG_0164 copy_web I love this time of year in the Park.  The busy tourist season is over.  The stores are all closed up for the winter.  There are very few people.  And the colors of fall are setting in. 

IMG_0167 copy_webIMG_0170 copy_web

We drove along Lake McDonald on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  The evening light was gorgeous!  The breeze was picking up.  Just enough to make the trees begin to dance in a nice soft sway.IMG_0181 copy_webIMG_0182 copy_web           IMG_0183 copy_web We stopped at the falls.  The water was very low, but the sound of rushing water was so sweet.

IMG_0194 copy_webIMG_0197 copy_webIMG_0198 copy_webMmm…who’s this man!  I’ve got to go check him out!  Even after 8 years, my heart skips a beat whenever I see him!

IMG_0206 copy_webIMG_0210 copy_webWe went up to Avalanche Lake trail head, by the Cedar Trail.  That is as far as you can go in the highway this time of year.  They were also doing some repairs on a bridge on the Cedar Trail, so we were only able to walk part of the way.  The forest was enchanted!  It was magical!  The green was so green.  The mist was beginning to fall.  It was quite warm.  And we were together!

IMG_0214 copy_webIMG_0220 copy_webIMG_0226 copy_webIt was so wonderful to get away together.  It was too short, as it always is.  But we’ve made some more memories, and they will be with us forever.      


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! Looks like a beautiful spot!

  2. Happy Anniversary... such beautiful photos!!!

  3. Oh, so happy for you! Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pics, too!


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