Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harvest Party


Yep...this is us, my Dear Hubby and I. We switched races for the evening. Scary, huh? Meet Thurston and Shaniqua. We won a prize in the Costume Contest too!

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Several friends came out on Thursday (the day before Halloween) to help me set up and decorate. I have to say, our place looks so festive! It's so much fun!

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K dressed as Autumn - she also won a prize. I have to say, she was breathtakingly gorgeous.

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J was a cute little butterfly. But, true to her "Plain Jane"-ness, she didn't want any frills, no face-makeup, no glitter, just an antenna and wings. So adorable!

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Unfortunately, other than this photo of the Bounce House, I didn't get any photos of the Carnival stands outside. We were still setting them up as it was getting dark. We had flood lights out in the yard to light the stations. One station had a ring toss, balloons filled with candy on the wall and darts to pop them, and bottles to knock over with a ball. Another station had some relay races with eggs (some were hard boiled and some were fresh), a "Chubby Bunny" contest where you had to fill your mouth with marshmallows and still be able to say "chubby bunny".


The kids (kids of all ages) loved the games and the bonfire outside. Inside the garage we had chili dogs and hot chocolate; a face painting station...

IMG_1585 copy_web


...and a station for pumpkin decorating with googly eyes, glitter glue, markers, colorful feathers, pom-poms, and many other fun things to decorate with.

IMG_1593 copy_web

Here are some photos of the fun costumes that were there. Everyone did such a wonderful job on their costumes!


The cutest Pooh Bear ever...


...Shaniqua again...


...a pregnant nun...


...a mountain man and cave woman...

IMG_1574 copy_web

...hippy grandma...

IMG_1635 copy_web

...Raggety Ann and Andy...

IMG_1629 copy_web

...Michael Jackson...

...and so many more wonderful costumes I just don't have room for them all! It was a fabulous party! We are already scheming for next year!

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