Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guess I misplaced my saddle somewhere in a box...

IMG_1294 copy2web

I thought I was more "back in the saddle" than I am. Moving is just so much fun! I still don't have all of my computer tech stuff networked, some of it is here, some is there, and the computers can't talk together to get the info that I need...particularly my photos. It's very frustrating. But it will all come together soon.

These dear little friends of mine (in the photo), my wild turkeys, come through my yard every morning. They graze through at a leisurely pace. I love watching them. I guess if you feed them they will become a regular nuisance, even coming up on the porch and making messes. But I really do love watching them.

So far we've been here just about a month and we've seen lots of wildlife. There are deer all over the place. Just a few miles from here is a game preserve and we've seen deer there and a coyote crossing the road. I had a yearling deer in the yard a few days ago. He was standing under the crab apple tree just staring at us through the window. Also, almost every night we hear the eerie sound of the coyotes' songs. It's been so long since I heard that!

Besides getting settled in, there are so many other things going on here. We started our new homeschool year on October 6th. This is our 5th year. I usually brace myself for a rough first week...lots of adjustments, rearranging curriculum to fit the time frame, etc. But this year, to my wonder and amazement, we had an awesome, bump-free first week! I didn't even know that could exist. But it was such a welcome event, due to all the other busyness I'm up to my eyeball, eyeballs, that is (guess that "s" got misplaced in some box somewhere too!).

I'm also helping with the planning of two parties for this month. This weekend my friend E and I are putting on a baby shower for another friend who had a baby boy last month. This is the first baby shower I've been a part of putting on and it's very exciting! Hopefully I'll have all the details and photos from that next week. The next party is our church Harvest Party, which I mentioned in the previous post. That will be so much fun! I've got the corn stalks, some pumpkins, and Indian corn. I still have to get some straw bales. My Hubby thinks I'm crazy to have the party here so soon after we've moved in, but I find it very motivating in getting things unpacked.

I really do have more photos coming. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, if not the favorite, for taking photos. The girls and I are going on a homeschool field-trip tomorrow to Sweet Pickin's Pumpkin Patch. We went a couple of years ago, when I first got my camera, and I had a blast taking wonderful photos of the fall colors and decor. Now that I know a little bit more about my camera, I'm really looking forward to taking more photos.


  1. I want wild turkeys in my yard!!! I do get mourning doves in the morning sometimes, and that, I love.



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