Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting Back in the Saddle...So To Speak

IMG_1309 copy

Well, things are starting to come together around here in our little farmhouse. Unpacking after a move is like putting a puzzle together. First of all, you can't remember which box a particular item is in. You remember seeing it somewhere in some box, but it's probably at the bottom of the stack of boxes in the garage. You have to unpack that box (the one you can't find) to be able to unpack this box that you've been tripping over for days where do you start? Oh it's interesting!

The property we are on is on a hill above a farmer's field (see the photo the background is the field). We live on a triangle of land bordered, of course, on one side by the field (east), on another by the county road (west), and on the other by a small forest (south). Just beyond the back yard is a small barn surrounded by field grass almost as tall as my daughter J. We are going to have our church's Harvest Party here this year, so I've been wanting to get the tall grass cleaned up a bit, first of all, so it's not a fire hazard when we have our bonfire, but also, so it will be easier to do a treasure hunt and the carnival games. A friend of ours has a Brush Hog mower that he brought out yesterday and cleared out the tall grass and even made a walking trail through the rest of it behind the barn all the way to the greenhouse at the east fence. Since the property is on a slope from the county road to the east fence, K and J love to get on their bikes by the road and coast down the hill. Now they have a little meandering path to go on all the way down. we get more settled in and are able to function again like normal people, there will be lots more photos and stories of farm-life.

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  1. Way to go! Can't wait to see more pics of the place!


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