Saturday, July 12, 2008

Farm Day

Every week K, J, and I go out to PlowGirl Farm, a local organic farm, to help my friend in her garden. The kids really love Farm Day. It has become the highlight of their week. They get to play, run around and be free. Another friend of mine, who has two little boys ages 1.5 and 5 months, comes out to work too. My girls love to babysit and they are really great helpers.

Last week we were harvesting and weeding. They have a really cute little set up for harvesting. They set up a shade tent and used an old bathtub to wash the veggies and then ran them through a large salad spinner (which they had to send to France to get).

So we washed veggies, spun them, weighed them, packaged them, and put them in individual boxes in the refridgerator for the customers to pick up.

All the kids just hung out in the shade, or played, or checked on the pigs, or dug in the sand, or swung on the tire swing. Sometimes they came out in the garden to help weed. And then they would go back to playing again. Little J here in the baby seat was the biggest help of you might have guessed.

These two were content to sit in the wagon and let K pull them all around the farm. Even when she stopped, they just sat there waiting for her to go again.

Then it was lunchtime. Yeah! We ate in a screened tent away from the bugs and sun.

J even brought her own picnic basket for her lunch.

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