Friday, March 27, 2009

Tooth Fairy Adventure

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J recently lost another tooth.  Let me first explain her mindset about loosing teeth.  We were having a discussion one day with her older sister K (now 12 years old) about K's not having any more baby teeth to lose.  J's reaction was, "Poor sissy!"  We asked her why and she said, "Because she doesn't get any more money!"

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So, needless to say, J really loves losing her teeth.  She lost her first one at age 2 or 3 due to an accident on the ice in the wintertime.  Of course, even though it was an accident, the Tooth Fairy still came to visit.  But it was a very, very long time until the Tooth Fairy came again, since J didn't lose another tooth until she was 5. 

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(Here is a digital scrapbook layout I did documenting her losing teeth.  The journaling reads:  "J lost her first tooth and a couple weeks later lost another one.  She was so excited to get a visit from the Tooth Fairy!")

Now...we have a very, very forgetful Tooth Fairy.  She is rarely, if ever, on time and frequently has to be petitioned many times before she actually shows up.  It's really very terrible.  I haven't figured out a way to fire her, though. 

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So, on the night that J lost this most recent tooth, she put her tooth in a ziplock baggie and put it under her pillow.  Sure enough the Tooth Fairy forgot.  So the next morning as I was still laying in bed, J peeked her little head in my door and her first words were, "Bad Fairy!  Bad, bad Fairy!"  I had to laugh.  She's our girl of few words, but she gets right to the point. 

The next evening I told J to put her tooth under her pillow again and this time to write the Tooth Fairy a note and put it on my pillow.  Here is what I found:


Just in case you can't read it, it says:  "Doo not frgit to get the toth and gev mee mi munee."  Well, the Tooth Fairy promptly delivered that night!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! That is THE cutest!! Did the tooth fairy learn her lesson? So, so cute!


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