Tuesday, September 9, 2008


IMG_1009 web

One morning when the girls and I were camping, I happened to wake up just before sunrise and saw a gorgeous red sky. I quickly grabbed my camera, went down to the beach and sat there soaking in this beautiful display.

IMG_1012 web

It's been so long since I've seen a sunrise. The house we currently live in faces north and there are no windows on the east side. We live in a housing development, too, so even if I get up early in the morning to look outside, all I see are rooftops.

IMG_1029 web

So I sat there in the peace and serenity of the cool morning.

IMG_1063 web

In just a matter of seconds the scene would change...

IMG_1074 web

...like the graceful moves of a beautiful dance.

IMG_1081 web

Simply breathtaking!


  1. Nice! Very nice.


  2. Oh, I want to cry!!! I miss the mountains!!! John got it right, "Nice! Very nice." Indeed!


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