Monday, July 21, 2008

A Saturday Outting

Last weekend the girls and I went on an impromptu outting. Papa called and told us that Snappy's Sports Center was having their annual free Kids' Fishing day at their private pond behind the store. So off we went to see if the girls could catch a fish.

It was so packed with people that we had to wait for quite awhile for an available fishing pole. Both of the girls have been there with Papa in years past and, since it was so busy, K decided to not fish and let J have the chance (what a sweet sister!). J was determined to carry her own pole so I showed her how to carry it so she wouldn't "hook" everyone around.
It was difficult to cast without "catching" someone standing around us, but she got in several tries. She even had a couple bites, but the fish just weren't very interested. They were probably confused at all the worms suddenly floating in their pond.

Several times we had to detangle ourselves from someone else's line. J was disappointed that she didn't get to catch a fish, but she did very well overall.
Then, as we were walking back through the store we noticed the Crocs. My girls both have very narrow, long feet (thanks to both of their parents) and we have tried several brands of these shoes with no luck...they are just too large and sloppy on their feet.
So, as we were walking past the shoes we noticed this brand and decided to just give 'em a try. They each were able to find the exact color and size that they needed! Amazing! Usually, if we find the correct size, the color is wrong. What a find! They were so excited!
Then we were off to head back home. On the way we passed an arts and crafts market in a park. Since it was a gorgeous day and we didn't have to be anywhere else we decided to stop and poke around. The girls had fun looking at and trying on these cute hats.

There were many booths with dolls on display and the girls flocked to these. K, who loves to sew and make her own designs, was particularly interested in checking out how things were made.

Then it was time for lunch.

We found this food stand that offered something unusual...crepe sandwiches. This sounded so much better than a hot dog or hamburger. The girls each ordered a ham & cheddar and I had a brie, pesto & greens crepe.

To drink we ordered the ginger lemonade. It was so refreshing! The ginger gave it a spicy zing.

The crepes were so delicious! Just thinking about them now makes my mouth water.

What a fun day it turned out to be! I'm so enjoying this time in my girls' lives. They are both old enough now that we can just wing it sometimes and really have a fun time. We don't have to worry about taking naps anymore (except for Mommy, that is) or keeping on a schedule all the time. It's great!

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