Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DSP Blog Prompt for Dec. 5th

On the fifth day of December I watched (name of show) then wished (blank):

Well...since today is the 5th and it's still morning, I haven't watched anything on TV yet. So, the last thing I did watch me see...Andy Griffith, last night while I was working on the computer. Whenever I watch that show I wish that life could be as simple and sweet and wonderful as it was in those days. I know it wasn't perfect and there always will be evil in this world, but in those days there was more of a general respect for each other. The styles and fashion of that era too were so wonderful.


  1. I've never seen this show but I have heard of it.

  2. I agree, things were definitely simpler then.

  3. Don Knots still cracks me up, and I thought Goober & Gomer were cool.

  4. Must agree with everything you said. It would be nice to have see the respect that was generated in that time.


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