Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fuzzy Kitten

I did this layout today for a challenge at Digital Scrapbook It was a themed challenge to do "birth stories". So I chose a funny story about one of my favorite cats.

It reads:

"When I was young, we lived on a farm. My cat was about to have kittens and it was wintertime. We kept her inside at night so if she had the kittens, they wouldn't freeze.

My sister and I shared a room and a double bed in a little log cabin not far from the house. One night, when we went to bed, we brought the cat in and put her in a cardboard box with some old cloth rags for bedding.

Sometime during the night the mama cat jumped up on our bed to snuggle with us, so I gave her some room. She came right up between our heads by our pillows. All at once I felt something small and wiggly! I jumped out of bed and screamed at my sister that the cat had brought a mouse into our bed! Both of us flew out of the bed and turned the lights on.

We threw the covers back, expecting to have to coral a mouse...but what we found instead was a brand new kitten! Boy, did we breathe a sigh of relief!

The mama cat had several kittens that night and one of them (which was one of my favorite cats I've ever had) was a little fluffy gray kitten that I named "Fuzzy".

Sadly, Fuzzy didn't get to live very long. A few months later my Dad accidentally ran over him with the tractor."


Photo: Feral Kitten by Itshears @

Paper: Angela Sharrow's "Serenity Paper" @ Digital Freebies

Fonts: Belphebe; BethHand

Doodles: Kim Liddiard's Doodlicious brush set @ DSP

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