Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Little Joy


This little girl has sure stolen our hearts.  Now we can’t imagine what life was like before she came along.  She is such a happy baby.  She makes me laugh when I’m feeling down and want to cry.  She is tenderhearted.  She “cries” right along with you if you are sad…she comforts you.  It’s so sweet. 

She is now beginning to say more words.  For the longest time every adult was “dada”.  Then, when she really could say “mama” she would only say it sparingly and after much coaxing.  After that she learned “papa” (what we call our grandpa), and every man was “dada, papa”.  Now, when I walk in the door after running errands, she will run to me squealing, wave her little hand at me and say, “Ha mom!”  Melts me to the core, I tell ya!

It was two Christmases ago that we found out she was on the way.  Oh, that was a tough time for us.  We were in a really hard place and here we were having a little surprise!  But God knew.  He knew we needed her.  He knew we needed her laughter, her comfort, her joy, her sing-songy voice, her bright brown eyes and wispy curls. 

I also forgot just how much fun age 1 is.  The discovering, the newness of everything, the light in her eyes, the bounce in her step.  Everything is so new and exciting.  It gives me a new perspective as well, teaches me to look at life, circumstances, in a different light. 

Thank you Lord for little Z.  She is such a blessing!


  1. What a wonderful, beautiful and intimate look at your life you have shared, what a blessing and encouragement your words are. Thank for sharing your wonderful gift Sonesta, of words, pictures n most of all yourself!!


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