Saturday, August 1, 2009

Berry Pickin’


This is my cousin, Sharee, and her girls…and my girls…and Li’l K.  We all went berry picking last weekend.  We were trying for huckleberries, but didn’t find much except a few for munchin’ on.  So we switched to sarvis berries.  They aren’t as fantastic as huckleberries, but they were plentiful and the kids had fun picking and eating them. 

IMG_6692-copy_webFirst we drove out to the ranch that Sharee and her husband used to work on when they lived here several years ago…wow…it’s more than several years now!  Time goes by too fast! 

IMG_6701copy_webIMG_6704-copy_webIMG_6708-copy_webIMG_6713-copy_webIMG_6716-copy_webIMG_6718-copy_webIMG_6721-copy_webIMG_6741-copy_webWe also found a handful or two of Oregon grapes.  The kids didn’t like these too much.

IMG_6742-copy_webI thought Li’l K was going to eat herself sick on sarvis berries.  She was so cute!




IMG_6828-copy_webAs you have probably noticed…there are no photos of berries that have been picked.  Well, the reason for that is very simple.  We ate all the huckleberries we could find so there was little to no evidence that we had picked them.  And we got such a small amount of sarvis berries each that I just didn’t take a picture…that and I was too busy picking to think about it until we got home.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.


The day was so wonderful.  Time spent with family out in the country.  Nothing could be better!

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  1. Looks like a fun day!

    You know what, I think I know your cousin :) We went to school together. I knew her right off from her picture and then I went back to reread her name and sure enough, that's Sharee!!!!

    (I sure hope I am right.)

    She may not remember me. I think she moved away at some point? Anyway, tell her hi! It was fun to see her and her girls and you and yours!


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