Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Portrait

IMG_6975_filtered copy 3_web

I was looking back in my hard drive at past years' photos and found this one of J taken a year ago.  I decided to play around with it.  Here is the SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) shot:


What a cute shot that has so much potential, but just not any umph.  First of all I ran it through Noiseware (I absolutely LOVE this program...and it's free!) to reduce the graininess.  Then I used the new free Perfect Portrait action from CoffeeShop.  I just love her stuff!  And its free!  Oh, I guess I said that already. 

IMG_6975_filtered copy 3_web

Pretty amazing, eh?  And here is the black & white version:

IMG_6975_filtered copy 4_bw_web

I can't decided which one I like better.  I guess I'll just like them both! 


P.S.  I have to say, that's one stinkin' cute subject...if I do say so myself!


  1. I love your pictures! We are a homeschooling family also:) Blessings to you:) Amanda

  2. Wow! Amazing! She's sooo beautiful! Love that girl!

  3. What a blessing ... what a pic! A girlfriend of mine stumbled on your blog and sent me the link 'cause of my passions with digi-scrapping and photography ... and I look forward to checking out these sites you listed ... always looking for freeware that makes great photos perfect! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing ... Alexandra


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