Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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Well, it took a long time this year, but we finally have snow.  And boy, the snow we are getting!  I can't remember when we've had this much snow! 

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It was boot-top deep just in the driveway, before the snowplow man came and plowed it.

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It's a good thing he came out too!  Or I wouldn't have been able to go anywhere! 

IMG_1756 copy_web

I think the little farmhouse looks so cute dressed in winter white!

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Out where the barn is the snow is knee-deep!  I was surprised!  There I was in just my snowboots without snowpants.  The driveway was only boot deep.  So I went trudging out toward the barn and it got deeper and deeper!  I was getting snow inside my boots.  But a photographer must endure some hardships to get the just the right shot, you know.

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Oh I love winter!  There's just something crisp and wonderful about it!  It's so invigorating to be out in it! 

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The girls are having so much fun playing in the snow.  The only problem is that it has also been very cold.  In the negatives.  So, they only go out for short periods of time before their faces, fingers and toes are frozen.  It's so cute!  They come in and their cheeks are pink and their lips can hardly move when they talk.  And they always ask for a cup of hot chocolate.  You just have to have hot chocolate when you come in from the cold.  It's just what you do!


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  1. i wandered over here from PW!! don't you just love her??

    i am truly inlove with your photo of the rake (i think it is a rake) with a windmill in the back....

    i am home myself this winter and have gotten into photoshop a little bit now and will be working to teach myself digital scrapbooking

    enjoy your site!


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