Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Favorite Color

My favorite color is green. It hasn't always been green...when I was a child I loved blue. I love all shades of green, but especially the deep rich shades.
Green, to me, represents warmth, life, comfort. It's very inviting. It's happy without being invasive. It doesn't shock you...unless it's chartreuse.
Right now, being spring, the new green grass is poking up out of the dry, deadness left from last year. It's so refreshing! It makes me want to get out and play...go for a walk...have a picnic.
My second favorite color is purple. My wedding colors were cream and purple. I have purple throw-pillows on my couch. Purple, too, is warm and inviting. I love it's richness. Throughout history purple was used to represent royalty.
I love the sunsets with their purple glow. Breathtaking!
What a wonderful thing...color!

Photo credits: photo taken by me, Sonesta Smith, 8-06. Do not use without permission.


  1. Yes, I agree...I love color and it's hard to choose a favorite! But green and purple are great choices. And spring is here, so enjoy them!

  2. I have never thought of green that way, but you are right!! It's the color of a new beginning, so to say. The only thing I ever associated green with was my Girl Scout uniform I wore for 12 years!! yuk


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