Thursday, January 25, 2007

Between the ages of 5 and 10, what was your favorite activity?

(DSP blog prompt for today.) When I was between the ages of 5 and 10, I was outside as much as possible! I was a tomboy (even got a cap gun for my birthday one year!), and if I could be outside, I was in heaven!
When I was 5, we lived in a mobile home on a nice sized lot in town. We had a large garden, which I helped plant and harvest. I remember the corn patch the best. Those stalks got to be so tall compared to a small child!
I remember I wanted a toy car so bad! You of those that you could sit in and make it move. So Dad found a wooden apple box, cut a broom handle to just the right length (to mount the steering wheel) and asked my Mom for an old plastic lid that she wasn't using anymore. He nailed the lid to one end of the broomstick, nailed the other end of the broom stick to the apple box...and voila! I had a car! Oh how I loved that car! And the steering wheel actually turned!
When I was 7, we moved to a large log house (the Big House, as we call it) in the country on 40 wooded acres. It was a child's dream place! There were trails to be discovered! There was a creek and two irrigation ditches to play in! There was a tree fort! It was so wonderful! We lived there for 4 years and had several horses, and raised donkeys, chickens, and rabbits. Alot of times I would be walking the trails, out on some adventure, with a fluffy baby bunny in my shirt pocket. Or I would harness the donkey to the two-wheeled cart and my sister and I would play that we were Mary and Laura Ingalls in "the olden days".
One winter I remember, there was so much snow! Our friend Jackie would always plow out our driveway for us. He piled it up really high not too far from the house. Some other friends came over (big teen aged boys) and made a snow dugout! It had snow benches cut into the walls and was tall enough inside that we could be upright on our knees. It was quite roomy with tunnels that led to other rooms. We had so much fun playing in that snow fort!
Oh! As I'm sitting here writing about it, I feel like I'm right back there! It was so wonderful!


  1. Hi Sonesta, very well done. What fun you seem to be having. I would have no idea how to do this but I sure enjoyed yours! All the best- Lauren Herrera

  2. I wish I had lived in a log home! I was never encouraged to do outside stuff because I might get dirty.

  3. oh i remember wishing i was Laura Ingalls. such a fun childhood she must have had, sounds like it would have been a lot like yours! minus the indoor toilet...hehehehe

  4. What awesome memories - sounds like so much fun!


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